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Teczoz is an online technology media blog. As a crew of bloggers with a culture and passion for new ways of delivering tech news, we’ve bonded together under one goal – to share with the world the latest happenings in tech. We want to share what inspires us, and we try to bring you guys the latest news on tech world as well as some tech tips and tricks to make everything simpler. Our bloggers cover a variety of topics, such as reviews and news about latest gadgets on the market.

Our articles cover a breadth of technology-related issues and topics from everyday uses to the business side of the industry. We constantly write news about technology. We also curate from other sources that we think are great. There’s no office and no printing press, no whiteboards. With a virtual newsroom, we aspire to find a story, cover it, and send it out to the world within minutes. We’re learning too, and we’d love your feedback and support to become better.

He is AKHIL , the admin and founder of Teczoz . Doing B-Tech degree in computer science . He loves ♥ coding & PC gaming. Interested in Blogging, A tech enthusiast as well and hence this blog.


Hello folks, am Sreenadh, currently pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology, Passionate about technology, a coder, a gamer, and a rather silent guy. Hope to see you all in the next post.
ciao ☻


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