In this tutorial, I will be explaining you, how you can sync the clipboard between an Android device and PC. While using two or more devices at a time all you guys may have experienced a situation in which you may need to copy a text/link to the other device. I have also experienced the same. I used Email, Social Networking sites, link shortening servicers etc to transfer. You know it isn’t that straight forward.

One day I found the exact sort of app that I was searching for! It’s called ClipSync. It actually makes both devices to share a common clipboard (by replacing both device’s clipboards with the currently copied text). Before proceeding to the steps listed below, you need to make sure that both the devices are on the same network.

PC Side
  • Click here to download and install ClpSync windows version.
  • After that just open ClipSync app.

clipsync running

  • You may need the PC local IP address. To get that use ipconfig command in windows command prompt.

ip address

Android Side
  • Download and install ClipSync Android app using this link.
  • After the installation open the same.
  • On top, you will see an option: NEW SERVER. You need to click on it.

new server

  • If the app were running on the PC it would automatically recognize you PC for you. But in some cases (As in mine), it may not recognize your PC automatically. In that situation, you need to enter the PC in the list manually. To do so, there will be a button: CONNECT TO SERVER MANUALLY. Click on it.

connect manually

  • When a new window comes, you need to enter the local IP address on your PC (In my case: and a name to it.

manual using ip

  • Just after adding it, you will see that it gets connected instantaneously. That’s all you will be needed to do! You have successfully connected both the devices and clipboard will get synced now!

connected device

To test whether it is working or not, just copy a text in Android device clipboard and paste on PC. Also, try from PC to Android.

clipboard syncing

I hope it works for you! In my case it takes a little amount of time for the initial sync, I am not aware what exactly the issue is. If you have experienced the same let me know it in the comment section. You may post queries too. Get updated by connecting us via social networking sites. Have a great day! 🙂