Hey, guys. I am back with another gaming tutorial. This time, I got a mod for GTA 5. It’s a mod to enable manual transmission for vehicles. It may not be a big deal to have such a mod. But it helps to drift a car by keeping the car in a particular gear. And it becomes easier to drive the car in a lower speed.

All the needed files are listed below. Download each of these files and proceed to the installation section.

Now let’s get started. Each of the downloaded files will be compressed files (zip). You will have to extract them. You may use 7Zip to do so.

How To?

Let us install the mod. You have to do it in 3 steps. The first step is to install Script Hook V then to install LUA plugin for it and the last step is to install the Transmission Mod itself. I hope you have extracted all three files.

1. Install Script Hook V
  • You will find a folder named bin inside Script Hook folder. Open it and you will find 3 files in it.
  • What you have to do is to copy these 3 files inside GTA 5 main folder.

script hook v install

  • By doing so, you have just installed Script Hook V. The files named NativeTrainer.asi is actually optional. It’s a trainer mod coming with Script Hook V.
2. Install LUA Plugin for Script Hook V
  • As the name says LUA is a plugin for Script Hook. We will have to install this plugin for the Transmission mod we are going to use.
  • Installation is done by copying everything found inside the LUA plugin zip file (A folder named: scripts & a file: LUA.asi) into GTA 5 main folder.

lua plugin install

3. Install Manual Transmission Mod
  • Now it’s time to install the manual transmission mod itself.
  • You will find a single file inside the mod folder (ManualTransmission.lua).
  • To install this mod, go to GTA 5 main folder and open the folder scripts which we just made while installing LUA plugin.
  • Inside the script folder, create a folder with a name: addins.
  • Now copy ManualTransmission.lua file into addins folder.

manual transmission mod gta 5

You have just installed the manual transmission mod for GTA 5. Inside the mod folder, there is a readme file which explains the default  control keys and the way by which you can assign custom keys for gear up & down.

Change Keyboard Controls
  • To change the default keys (used to control gears) open ManualTransmission.lua with a text editor.

open with notepad plus

  • Notepad++ is recommended as the text editor.
  • The below image shows the part where you can change the keys to control gears. In my case, I am using Z key to enable/disable manual transmission. And Numpad5 & Numpad2 are being used to gear up & down.

  • You will find an option to Enable/Disable Clutch also.

clutch disable

I hope you have successfully installed the manual transmission mod and managed to change the controls of the same. If not comment it down below so that I could help with the same. If you have any comments or queries leave it in the comment section below 😉 Enjoy Gaming!