Guys, Brace yourselves, because it’s giveaway time 🙂 It’s the chance to grab an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and $70 for a task anyone could do! What you will be needed to do is to make a bunch of android apps! Don’t worry no coding is needed, it’s just a drag and drop procedure. Let’s get into it.

About the Giveaway

It is a giveaway program conducted by a website called AppsGeyser combined with AppsGeyser is a website which makes making an Android App/Game easier. There is a good amount of app templates which can be used to build your own application. All it takes is a bunch of clicks.

As I said, AppsGeyser is starting a new Giveaway program with You need to create some apps using their online app building tool (trust me it’s really simple to do), and will have to upload it to the Amazon Android app store. You may get up to $70 and an Amazon Fire Tablet. Don’t worry, the Giveaway is not limited to a number! The deadline is September 30.

  • You need to create some Android apps from AppsGeyser website and upload them to Amazon app-store.
  • For each app, you publish to Amazon app-store you will get $1 and up to 70 apps can be uploaded. Which implies you may get up to $70.
  • If you successfully uploaded 20 apps, you will get an Amazon Fire Tablet.

Let me simplify it by giving you five example cases of a single user.

  1. user made 10 apps => $10
  2. user made 20 apps => $20 + Amazon Fire Tablet
  3. user made 30 apps => $30 + Amazon Fire Tablet
  4. user made 70 apps => $70 + Amazon Fire Tablet
  5. user made 75 apps => $70 + Amazon Fire Tablet
How To Participate?

1 . Create an Android App

  • First of all, you need to create an account for AppsGeyser. They will ask for an app creation initially (Follow the steps below), for the registration. Also, will have to verify your email id.
  • Click on the Create App button on the top-right corner.

create app

  • You will be redirected to a page where you may find a bunch of app templates. Select any of these. I will start with the website template.

website app template

  • By clicking on a template, it will ask you for some of the details about it. The details to provide may vary according to the app template. Your app must be functioning! since they will review your application.

website url

  • After creating your application, go to click on this URL. In that page, you will see a button PARTICIPATE! Click on it and your first app will be under a review for some time.


  • Wait for them to review your first application. It may take some hours. Follow the next step if it gets approved.

2 . Publish to Amazon app-store

  • If the app gets approved, it’s time to upload it to the Amazon app-store. First of all create an Amazon Developer account (it’s free).
  • Now you may upload the Android app to the Amazon app-store. They will ask for some app information and some screenshots too. After filling them all, you will be able to publish your app.

add new app

Well, I hope you have successfully published your first app, else you may write a query in the comment section below. Make more apps and upload to Amazon app-store by following the above steps to earn more.

After publishing it all, you need to send the app link of each of these apps to the AppsGeyser forum. Use this link to the survey page and submit the same. After submitting it, you will get the money transferred to your PayPal account and the tablet will be sent to your address. You will get emails from AppsGeyser to get the rewards.

Is it Fake?

Absolutely Not! I could say so because I have the proof of it. There was a same sort of program in the previous year. I was not so sure about it that time. But still I tried it. I participated by uploading 25 Android apps. After some months, I got the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 and $25 as a reward! Some screenshots are given below as a proof of it 🙂

Thanks for reading! If you have any queries, please use the comment section below. Good Luck 😉