Hey guys, today I got a quick tutorial on how you can fix thumbnail issues on WordPress. One of the main issue I have seen is the thumbnail resolution/size not appropriate on a new theme.

For each WordPress themes, there is a set of resolution values for images. When the theme on a website is changed, the new theme may have a different configuration. So the images may look weird. To fix that, we will have to regenerate each image with appropriate thumbnail resolution.

Well, it is not easy to do manually especially for a website with a huge number of images. I got a simple tip for you guys. There is a WordPress plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails. It is a free WordPress plugin which can use used with ease.

  • To get started, install this plugin Regenerate Thumbnails. Then open the same. You will see a button named Regenerate All Thumbnails.

regenerate thubnails

  • After clicking on the button Regenerate All Thumbnails, It will start regenerating the thumbnails and you may abort this process anytime.


  • After the process has completed, your website will be looking better.

I hope this helped you with the thumbnail issue on you WordPress website. If any queries, leave it in the comment section below. Have a great day! 🙂