Here I have a little tip for you guys! I am going to explain the best method to control your VLC media player from an Android device. Somewhat similar to a TV remote. All you needed to have is one network common for both the devices (PC and Android). So let’s get started.

First of all, as mentioned above, make sure that both devices are on the same network, then only follow the steps listed below.

PC Side
  • Install and open VLC media player. If it is not installed already, download it from here.
  • Go to Tools >> Preferences. (or simply use the shortcut: Ctrl+P)
  • Now you need to view advanced settings part. To do that, there is a toggle to the left bottom corner (toggle to all settings). Now enable Web Interface from Main Interface menu.

web interface

  • The next step is to add a password for Lua Interpreter. To do so expand the Main Interface menu and you will see Lus menu. There you will see a box, to enter the password. A simple password will be enough! eg: 1234.

lua password

  • Now save these settings and exit VLC media player. If Windows Firewall alert comes, Allow Access to VLC media player to use the network.
  • You will need the Local IP address of your PC (to be entered on the Android device). To do that Open Command Prompt and use the command: ipconfigYou will your PC’s local IP listed as ipv4. Remember this IP address for further progress.

ip address

Android Side
  • You need to download an Android app from the PlayStore named: VLC Mobile Remote – PC & Mac
  • Open it after the installation. You will have to add a device so that to control the VLC for the same. To do that there is a ‘ + ‘ button to the top right corner. Press it.

  • Now there comes the setup part for the PC to get identified on the network. Enter the information asked. We already have the IP Address (in my case: and VLC Password (mine: 1234). Name the device and hit SAVE button.

  • Now you will see your device listed in the app. That’s all you will need to do. The setup part has been completed. Now let use see how well it works!
Let’s test it out!
  • Open any video on your Computer. Then start the App on Android and select the PC we have saved. You will see that you have successfully connected.

vlc control from android

  • You will see pretty much every option you will be needed to control the VLC media player. You will see that it responses instantaneously while it is being controlled.
  • You may also the video currently being played by swiping down the application and selecting a video from your PC.

I hope you guys have successfully implemented this trick. If you have any comments or queries comment section is always open. Have a nice day! 🙂