I am writing this article because I was also facing the same issue for a long time. That is it was not possible to use the Touchpad while a key is being pressed on the Keyboard. I never tried to know what the problem is since it was not that necessary. I found a solution and is explained here.

If you are playing a game with the use of touchpad/trackpad, you will notice the issue mentioned above. Hence, it becomes hard to play games (except racing) without a mouse. The below-mentioned steps may differ from your case, but the idea is same.

In my case, I was using a device driver for my touchpad called Synaptics. There are many more such drivers available. You may not face this issue if there was no such a driver installed. If you have installed any other driver, don’t worry steps are almost the same.

How To?

  • Open Control Panel and go to Mouse Settings.
  • You will see Device Settings from which you have to press the Settings button.

mouse settings

  • Now the settings panel of the device driver will pop-up. It may not look like same as mine.
  • There you may spot an option called PalmCheck-Enhanced. Go to its settings by pressing the gear icon.

synaptics settings

  • You will have to Turn off the PalmCheck option. Then apply this change in settings.

palmcheck option

  • Now you will see that both Keyboard and Touchpad works the same time.

The settings may reset after rebooting your system. I don’t know that is it common or not! I hope this tutorial helped you solving the issue. Share it with your friends on social networking sites. If you found this helpful share with your friends. If you have any comments or queries, leave it in the comments section below. Enjoy 😉