Finding music free from the internet is easy, but it is not that easy to find legal music. You may get banned from Youtube for using a background music for your video illegally. So it will be better not to use copyrighted music for your video. Luckily there are some websites providing you free music for your video legally.

Do not expect popular albums or something, these Websites provide music made by themselves or collected from such sources. Even though the music will be free, there may be some conditions to obey. Like giving courtesy for the artist, where the music will be used.

I got a list of best 5 Websites with free music. There could be many more other than these. So I would expect you guys to post the websites you know, in the comment section below.

5. Ben sound

The Best part of this website I found is the minimal layout. It is easy to play music within the browser and to find the music. But the disappointing part is the less amount of music. Music is well categorized so that it is easy to find the best for our purpose. All the music are free to implement on an online video, but there are limitations. Read Ben sound Listening for clarification.

bensound free music

4. Epitonic

Another Website with free music. This Website got a nice amount of music compared to Ben Sound. But that is not all. The con of this site is the difficulty to find a music. Files are not organized well and the UI is not good at all. Having a good amount of music makes the site in this list.

epitonic free music

3. Jamendo

One con of this Website is that all the music are not free. Some music files need to be purchased for commercial use. But the best part is, this Website got a huge amount of free music. You may check out their licensing statement before using the Website. Because of the huge amount of music I found myself using it for some of my videos.

jamendo free musicf

2. Noise Trade

This one stands out from all the above Websites, because of its UI of course. This site is minimal and music are well organized. Also got a great amount of music. I found no con for this site in my view. Actually the music in this Website is uploaded by users in it. Noise Trade is a community of musicians who shares their music for free. The earning of artists are the tip from the fans. Read their About Page for more info.

noise trade free music

1. Youtube Audio Library

And here comes Youtube Audio Library first place in the list. Youtube is the most popular video sharing website. Now they are providing some non-copyrighted music also. Youtube audio library got a huge amount of music that can be downloaded and used for online videos. Music is well categorized and can be tested by playing it easily. Read more from Youtube help forum.

youtube audio library

As I mentioned above, this list does include only those Websites that I found better. If you got a Website to mention, then feel free to post it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading this article 🙂 Peace.