Hey, Guys. This article is to introduce some new web browsers, which you may use as an alternative to your current one. When I say your current web browser, I mean browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Considering the cons of these browsers.

The con of Google Chrome is its high memory usage. While running Google Chrome each browser extension and tabs becomes different processes. When you open Task Manager you will see a no.of it. But Google Chrome is one of the fastest, hence it got more fans.

Mozilla Firefox got a low memory usage and pretty smooth usability. But sometimes it gets slowed down. It requires considerably more time to start compared to Google Chrome. But it does not eat our RAM 😀

I got a list of some web browsers to consider if you are looking for alternatives. I am not telling you that these are the best browsers, there may be a few cons of course. Try each or try the best, the choice is yours.

Maxthon Cloud & Nitro

These are 2 web browser from Maxthon company. Maxthon Cloud and Maxthon Nitro. As the name says, both browsers have different characters. In a simple comparison, Maxthon Nitro is lighter than Maxthon cloud. There are limitations for each.

Maxthon Cloud is the browser with all features, which should have in, one normal web browser. The appreciatable part is the availability of add-ons/extensions and the ability to capture screenshots, right inside the browser. But don’t expect it as the fastest one, since it is not light. Installation of extensions makes it a bit slower.

If you don’t care about browser extensions, then Maxthon Nitro is the best. Believe me, it’s one of the fastest web browser available. It is the lighter version of Maxthon Cloud. When I say faster, it not only starts quickly but also renders a website fast enough. And the minimalist UI makes it more user-friendly.


Vivaldi is a browser started by former CEO of opera. Opera browser (PC version) is indeed faster, but what about Vivaldi? It’s got a normal user experience while browsing the web. The best part is its UI of course. There are some features lacking on other competitors. Built in Email client, Quick commands and Writing Notes are some of them.

The browser start-up is good enough but at some point, I found that the browser itself hangs a bit. For example, it takes a bit to load a website using speed dial. But the UI looks pretty neat, and the adaptive color change is new on a web browser. Also, there is a feature to preview tabs in the background. Same as in the coming browser from Microsoft (Edge).

Update JULY 16, 2015: Vivaldi came with some more features with the new update. Now it supports Chrome extensions (experimental feature). There is a mouse gesture support and additional customization options.


Now, this web browser is unique. Unique because of its features. This is Torch Web Browser. I have never seen a web browser with an inbuilt torrent downloader. Media grabber option lets us download online videos. There is a video player also, to play videos while downloading. There is a section to get free Music and lots of online flash games.

As an addition, there is an option to theme Facebook. But some features were not necessary, like the Facebook theme. It can be done in any other web browsers with the help of extensions. There is another con for this browser. Since it is based on Chromium browser, there could be a higher usage of RAM compared to Vivaldi and Maxthon.

In conclusion, Maxthon Nitro is the fastest browser among these. But it’s not ideal since there is a lack of availability of extensions. Vivaldi & Maxton Nitro got better UI. Among these, Vivaldi got better features: fast, nice UI and extensions are supported.

Thank you guys for reading this article. Let us know which browser you think better. If you have any comments and query, leave in the comment section below. Peace 🙂