If we find something cool, we share them. Well, here at Teczoz we just came across this cool Web App that helps your Social media post for later so that you never miss out on sharing your works to the world. They call it SocialPilot.

Easily Schedule Posts Across Multiple Social Media accounts. SocialPilot lets you create schedules for postings on your social media profiles, pages and groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to increase engagement and make your presence felt. – Team SocialPilot

This is how it will look once you register and log in.


You can then create and manage social media account group where you can setup accounts of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Once you have done setting up groups, it becomes easy to update the status through those accounts both individually and globally to all those accounts. This is done by selecting the accounts while you are posting a status ( as in the below fig. where I have selected my Twitter and Facebook accounts).


Once you are done with typing in your message or tweets or updates, you can then attach photos and schedule the post. Scheduling is the main aim of using this Web Application. You have the liberty to schedule the posts if you don’t want to share the news yet.


Another cool thing I and my friends do is to wish a person on his birthday at midnight. This can be a bit fun, but not all can stay awake till then. For them, they can schedule a post and be assured your wish will be posted on time. Likewise, you find many simple applications where we wished if we could schedule the post. Well, this one has granted our wish I guess!


We have tested almost all aspects and found no harm in linking your social media accounts into SocialPilot,  but we do not take any responsibility on the after effects ( if any , most unlikely though ) of using this app as its not a product of Teczoz.