Ever heard about Steganography? It is a way to sent secret messages along with an image of any other files.

According to Wikipedia : Steganography is the art or practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file. Steganography has been widely used, including in recent historical times and the present day.

The only way to extract the secret message from the file will be using that particular tool used to encode it. It is because the algorithm will be unique for it. So it looks little interesting right? What if you could use an online Steganography tool?

So let us move on, Open the below link to use the Online Steganography tool I am talking about.


The tool is simple to use. What we need is an image that can be used as the file to hide our secret message/image. There is an optional box to provide the key to access the hidden message for little more security.

I just uploaded an image with a key to access the secret message as you can see in the below screenshot.

Steganography sreenshotAfter providing the Image and the secret message press Submit button. You will get the same looking image as the output with the secret message hidden in it.

To extract the message out of it, go to the same page and provide the modified image and key to access the message. Leave the message box empty and then press the Submit button. You will get text file message.txt as the output. The text file will contain your secret message.

output of steganogrIt is not an efficient/best way to sent secret messages. There is always another better option over the internet.