This one is going to be a quick tutorial on previewing video files while it is downloading with Internet Download Manager.

It is possible to preview any other file types, but video preview is more practical. If it is an image file it will be corrupted. When we preview a compressed file (zip/rar/7z etc) all the files will not be there inside. But we could watch a video up to the video length we downloaded.

  • To take more advantage of this trick you need to set the number of connections in IDM to 1.

Options >> Connection >> Default max conn. number

idm max conn

  • When the download is in progress the file is being saved temporarily to a location in your PC. We need to browse to that location. To find the temporary file location go to:

Options >> Save to >> Temporary directory

temp directory idm

  • Copy that location and paste it into your File Explorer. After pasting it you will get the list of folders inside that directory. Select DwnlData folder and open the user folder you are using right now.

file directory idm

  • There could be a bunch of folders containing the files that are being downloaded with IDM. You need to find the folder where the temporary files of you video is being stored. Sometimes the folder can be identified easily by its name.

tem folders idm

  • Open the folder and you will see some files inside. Sometimes the file will be having its own extension. This time I found my video file having the mp4 extension, so we could directly open it. If you got a file without an extension then open the file using your media player.

idm file preview last

If expected more steps, Sorry to disappoint. If you have any comments and query contact us on Facebook or Twitter , or simply ask at the comment section below.