This is going to be a quick tutorial on installing first person camera mod on NFS Most Wanted 2012. Need For Speed is one of the most popular gaming series from EA Games. Most Wanted 2012 is one of the best among this series in terms of Vehicles and the Graphics.

While I was playing this game, I was really missing the fun of playing it in first person camera view. Since it gives more originality to a racing game. Then I came across one mod for this game and I almost got satisfied.

nfs first person pic

Actually this mod just gives the freedom to adjust the camera position. So placing the camera to the driver’s position will be our job. It may take a bit time to familiarize the camera controls. Just follow the steps.

  • Download the Mod File.
  • Unzip and copy the files into the Game installation directory.

The mod got installed just by copying it. It means no files are being modified from the original game, which implies no file backup is required. To uninstall this mod simply delete these new files copied.

readme file nfs

Along with the mod files, there is a text document given (readme.txt) which basically explains the camera controls. You may save/load camera views, up to 10 views can be saved. Since each car got different driver position, you may need to adjust the camera position for each vehicle. There are no other known bugs.

If you got confused while installing the mod or while using it sorry to disappoint. Feel free to ask at the comment section below. Have a nice day!