Hello guys, and we have something interesting for you to try. As we all know that Google’s Android has hit a wave with its new Lollipop ( or L ), even then many of us are perhaps still stuck at Jelly Bean. But don’t worry, anyone who has a laptop or a desktop ( which can boot from USB ) can actually run Android Lollipop with minimum fuss.

This method is very common to all those who install Operating Systems using bootable flash drives.

Things you will need:

  • A USB flash drive/pen-drive (2GB will do)
  • Go ahead and download the Android Lollipop iso file
  • and also download the UNetBootin for making a live bootable USB, while there is alternative software for USB live boot, we found this one to be the best for this job.

Now then, assuming you have downloaded the files I mentioned above, we get straight into it.

How to do:

  • Plug in the flash drive.
  • Open the UNetBootin ( unetbootin-windows-608.exe ) that you downloaded.


  • Select the disk image, which is the Android Lollipop iso file you downloaded from the list above. Set Type as USB and select the drive letter. In my case, it’s E:\.


  • Now hit OK. ( your flash drive will be formatted to Fat32 by UNetBootin )


  • Once complete, hit Reboot Now.


  • Your system will reboot. Select USB Boot using F8/F10/F12 ( leave a comment if you are having trouble, we will try to help you out ).
  • You should see some options being presented to you. Select the option that says ” Live CD – Run Android-x86 without installation “
  • Android should boot up now. Enjoy!

Down below, you can take a quick glance of what you are gonna experience once you boot into Lollipop!


If expected more steps, Sorry to disappoint. If you have any comments and query contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or simply ask at the comment section below.