What’s up, guys. Today I am back with another tutorial on OpenShift. I have already written an article on OpenShift to host your websites for free. This time, I am here to teach you how you can access your OpenShift Application files via SFTP using FileZilla.

For any other normal website hosting providers, there will be a full access to the host with the help of a control panel. For OpenShift, it’s a bit limited because you will have to do everything manually. Well, it’s because OpenShift is not meant to be a web host.

If you don’t have a website running on OpenShift, then follow my previous tutorial on setting up WordPress. You may find OpenShift as the best option to run a website for free with a limitation on 1GB web storage.

How To Setup WordPress Website On OpenShit

You will have to download some apps in your PC to get started. Download and install them one by one.

  1. FileZilla
  2. PuTTY

How To?

  • First of all search for PuTTYgen app installed in your PC and open it. If you didn’t found an app, you haven’t installed PuTTY. Use the above link to download it.
  • You will see a button in PuTTY to Generate new key. Click on it.

putty generate key

  • After clicking on the Generate button, you will see a key being generated when you move the mouse pointer randomly inside the PuTTY window.

putty generating key

  • After the key is generated copy and paste it into a text file. Also, click on Save private key button to save it as a PPK file.

putty key

  • Open your web console of OpenShift Account and click on your application. In your app settings, there is an option to Add a new key. After clicking on this option just paste the key generated using PuTTY (told you to save inside a text file) and give it a name.

add a public key

  • Now you have to open up FileZilla FTP client. Go to Edit >> Settings.
  • Go to Connection >> SFTP tab and you will see an option to Add key file… Click on it, browse and select the PPK file (key file made using PuTTYgen).

filezilla add key

You are almost there. Now all you have to do is to create a new site entry in FileZilla. You will have to enter the connection details. To obtain it open up your OpenShift account again and click on your application. For this particular tutorial, I will be using my test application on OpenShift (wp-imakhilc.rhcloud.com).

  • In FileZilla Add new Site with a name of your choice. Set the Hostname to your application URL (In my case Host: wp-imakhilc.rhcloud.com).
  • Set the Protocol to SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol. Now you have to find the Username. Open your Application in a web browser.
  • You will see a Source Code as the right panel of your app. There will be a text box from which the username can be obtained (see the below image to get a clear idea).

find username openshift

  • After entering all the info, you are good to go (I have set the Logon type to normal so that to ask for password each time of login).

filezilla connection

  • Click on Connect and you will be asked to provide a password. Enter your OpenShift password itself.

BINGO! Now you will be connected to the OpenShift application via SFTP. You may manage all your app files using FileZilla.


The above directory is the main directory, where your custom websites can be uploaded, or manage preinstalled apps.

I hope you have successfully connected to your website using FileZilla via SFTP. If not leave a comment below, so that I can help you. Please share this article with your friends so that we can grow 🙂 If you have any comment or queries, leave it in the description below. Have a great Day!