One more tutorial on WordPress. This time I will explain the steps to use MailChimp Newsletter for a WordPress blog. I was using Google’s FeedBurner alone for a while. Then I came to realize that I should try something else and I came to know about MailChimp.

MailChimp offers both free and premium plans. Right now I am using the free plan which offers 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails to send. Well, that is not a bad deal for a website with a small traffic. You may upgrade your account anytime (premium plans).

I will talk about MailChimp account creation and placing a widget on your WordPress blog. Also will explain the creation of  email templates. Even if you are using a different platform for your blog (other than WordPress) you may follow the MailChimp account creation and the creation of email templates here.

Let us head to the part where you are interested more ūüėČ

How To?

  • First of all create a¬†MailChimp¬†account. Free or premium? It’s your choice.
  • Now create a List for the account by providing your blog info. You may have multiple lists for different blogs or for different Subscription boxes.

mailchimp list

  • After creating a List, it’s time to set up MailChimp subscription box on your WordPress blog. I recommend you to use a WordPress plugin:¬†WP Subscribe. It is a good looking widget for your blog sidebar. Install and activate it.

wp sub plugin

  • Head to your WordPress widget section and you will find¬†WP Subscribe Widget. Insert it where ever you want.
  • To setup this widget for a MailChimp list, you need to provide some info, which are¬†MailChimp List ID¬†and¬†API key.¬†Use the links provided below to get both.

Find your MailChimp list ID

Find your MailChimp API key

  • Fill it in the WP Subscribe widget and it will be good to go!

wp sub widget preview

Now the list creation is completed. What we need to have next is an email template to send a newsletter. There are so many options to consider. We could send emails manually for a specific subject or there is an option to send emails about new articles on our blog.It is done by providing our RSS Feed URL. When a new article is published, MailChimp automatically detects it from the Blog RSS and it will be sent to the subscribers.

It is done by providing our RSS URL. When a new article is published, MailChimp automatically detects it from the Blog RSS and it will be sent to the subscribers. Let us have a look at the creation of email templates otherwise known as email campaigns.

  • Access your MailChimp account and you will find the option:¬†Campaigns. Click on it and create new¬†Campaign.

mailchimp campaign

  • Select RSS-Driven Campaign option.
  • Fill your RSS Feed URL and hit next. All the upcoming steps will be your choice to get a good looking email template.

That’s it! confirm newly created Campaign. There is an option to pause the campaign¬†so that you will not need to delete it. At least one subscriber will be required to complete the Campaign creation process, but you may design the template before getting subscribers.

I hope it helped you managing to create MailChimp subscription form. If expected more steps, sorry to disappoint. Well, the comment section is always open for your queries and suggestions. Share this article on social media sites. ¬†Do not forget to subscribe ūüėČ