First of all I should remind you that, playing  a high-end graphics game at ultra settings without a graphic card is simply impossible. But there is a chance of playing it on a lower settings with a below average graphic processor. Some integrated GPUs may do the job but not always, especially when it comes to high-end graphic games.

Some games may have patches to lower the lag. But it works for that particular one only. There are tools like 3D analyzer which works but needs to change settings manually for each game.

If one PC belong at a lower level than the minimum requirement for a particular game, and there is no chance to play it at a decent FPS (frames per second), then this tutorial may solve it. Here I got a tool for you to try! using which we may lower the graphics level below even possible from the game settings.

The tool I am going to talk about is a low specs patch client from Ragnos1997. There in the tool, you will have a list of all games supported by this tool. The tool can be used to lower the graphics level of the game lower so that the game could be played with an average PC.

This tool includes popular games: Assassin’s Creed series, Call Of Duty series, Battlefield Series (Bad Company 2, 3 and 4), Grand Theft Auto Games (4 and 5), Crysis (1, 2, and 3), Watch Dogs etc. Have a look at the list of all games supported in Ragnos1997 website.

How To?

  • The steps are pretty simple. First of all get the latest version of low specs patch client. It will be a .rar file with 30+MB in size.
  • Extract the .rar file using any file archiver (7-Zip is recommended).
  • Now after extracting the file, you will get the tool setup file. Install it anywhere you want.
  • Open it after the installation. In the left side, you will see the list of all games supported by this tool. What you needed to do right now is to select the particular game you want to patch (eg: Watch Dogs).

ragnos tool game list

  • A window will get popped up, where you will see the presets you could choose for the game. Also an option to reset default settings. Click on the option you want and select the game folder when they ask. The game folder will not be asked sometimes.

ragnos tool watch dogs

  • The patching process may differ for each game. Just follow the steps they say in the tool itself white getting the game patched. Sometimes the tool asks to run the game to complete the patch process.

After using the patch, it may seem a bit disappointing with the game graphics. There is nothing else that you could do to play it without lag. You may not play it in ultra settings which require a high-end GPU.

I hope it worked very well! Share it with your friends if so 😉 If you got any troubles while patching or didn’t work well, let me know it in the comment section below. Enjoy gaming 😉