Hey guys, welcome to another gaming tutorial. This time I have a Call of duty 4 multiplayer mod to talk about. This mod is called Pezbot which basically deploys bot players in a Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer match. Trust me, these bots play well 😉

I will be setting up this mod in my localhost, my PC. Before installing this mod, you need to be having the latest COD4 multiplayer version (v1.7) for avoiding bugs. If you don’t have the latest version you may use patches to upgrade. Since there is no direct upgrade from version 1.0 to 1.7 you need to install both the following files in the order.

  • Version 1.0 to 1.6 Patch: Link
  • Version 1.6 to 1.7 Patch: Link

Now after getting the latest version of COD4 Multiplayer you are good to go!

How to
  • First of all we need to install the mod. Download the mod file.
  • To install the mod, extract the downloaded file.
  • Copy the extracted PeZBOT folder into a folder named as mods inside the game directory. Now the mod is installed!

mod cp cod4

  • Open COD4 multiplayer game and launch PeZBOT mod.

Mods >> PeZBOT >> Launch

select mod cod4mp

  • The game will restart in PeZBOT mod.
  • Start a new server (set Dedicated = No).
  • After starting the match open the console using ~ key (button between escape and tab).
  • Type the following command in the console.

/svr_pezbots 11

command cod4 bot

  • This command adds 11 bots as into the game (12 total players, including us). You may change the no. of bots in this command.
  • If you are playing a match in teams, the no. of bots in either team will be automatically balanced.

Hope you got a clear idea on it, If you have any comments and query feel free to ask at the comment section below 😉 peace.