BlueStacks is an emulator for Android alone, and works fine maybe better than any in my opinion. This tutorial is to demonstrate you to change the RAM/memory usage of BlueStacks application. For any other emulators it might be easier to do, but for BlueStacks its not that easy.

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Its not that easy because the settings to change the RAM size is not there in the app itself. You will need to change some Registry entries for this. Since handling registry is some what risk, you do need to take care while browsing through. Deletion of any entries from registry can not be undone rather than creating it manually.

How To?

  • First of all you need to open up the Registry Editor. To do so press WinKey+R and type regedit and press OK button.
  • Now open up the folder path given below, where you will find a registry entry called Memory.


bluestacks ram registry

  • Double-click on the registry entry Memory, and change the Base to Decimal.
  • Now try changing the memory usage value to an optimum one and you will see the difference according to it (To speed up BlueStacks increase the RAM size).

bluestacks ram value

I hope this quick tutorial helped you changing the RAM usage of BlueStacks emulator. Sorry if you got confused because of lesser number of steps. Comment section is there always open for your comments an queries 😉