What makes you angry while you try to download some torrent files? For sure it will the slow downloading speed due to the lack of seeding. What if you could download torrent files as any other direct download? You will get the max speed while downloading it. I am introducing you guys a website which provides a free service of caching the torrent files  to a cloud storage. ZZLBox.com provides a free service of up to 2 GB per torrent.

The limitation is not so bad compared to other such free services. Let me explain, the limitation of 2 GB per torrent file only comes when the torrent that we are trying to cache is a fresh one. That means when we try to cache a torrent having more than 2 GB in size, it will be saved into your storage if the file was cached already by a different user.

add torrents

I got some of the torrent files saved into my account having more than 2 GB size (cached by premium members). That means ZZLBox.com is creating  a torrent storage service where we could access the files cached by other users. You need to create an account for this site, which will provide you an access to all files cached. Which could be downloaded anytime.

You may add torrent via pasting the magnet link or just uploading the torrent file. There is also a feed add option. If the file trying to upload exceeds the 2GB limit it will show you an error message. If it was already cached you don’t have to worry about it.