As a blogger, you know how important it is to serve ads to each and every visitors of your Website. But the sad part is, there are a bunch of browser extensions and apps used to block ads. We can’t force to display ads for such users. For AdBlock users, ads can be served only by disabling the AdBlock extensions or apps.

Only the users got the permission to disable or enable ads in their browser. But there is a possibility to convince visitors to do so. Not allowing them to access website contents for not disabling ad blocker is not a good move. It is kind of forcing which may give the users a bad impression about the blog.

ad alternate code

To convince blog visitors, you may choose any of these methods like popup boxes or sidebar widgets saying them to disable ad blocking apps. Also, as I said earlier, locking contents on your blog for AdBlock users will no be a good move.

The better way is to change your ad container itself accordingly. Ie, for AdBlock users you may alternate the ad content. And I got a tutorial for you guys to do so. For editors like WordPress, there are certain plug-ins to alternate ad contents. But I got a method which will work on any editors, ads, and web browsers.

How To?

  • You only need to add some HTML codes along with your ad code.
  • I hope you have already placed your ad code somewhere. Now let us add some changes to it. Have a look at the code given below.

<div class=adwrapper>//your ad code</div>
width: 300px;
height: 250px;
background-image: url(image_url);

  • Change the text in red color in the code. In the above example,  I have set the resolution of the ad to 300×250. You may change the resolution and use an image with the same resolution.
  • Have a look at this image that I made for our blog (300x250px). Such a minimal image will be the best.
  • Since there is only HTML code used, there is no question of compatibility. Its working is simple. I just changed the banner background to an image which will be only visible when the ad gets blocked.

There is also another thing you could try! You may place the alternate content to an image with your affiliate/referral link. In my opinion, that will be a better move.

I hope it works for you! If you have any queries, leave it in the comment section below 😉