Just got updated to Windows 10? Then there are some settings you might want to change. One of the important things to do is, disabling Windows 10 automatic updates. If you are familiar with the options in previous Windows versions, you will notice there came too many changes. Also, you will not see an option to disable Auto update in Control panel.

But still that’s not all. You may disable Windows auto update, and the option is not that hard to find. There is something else new in Windows 10. There is an option in settings, which makes the PC contribute the bandwidth for other users to get Windows updates. And that’s the evilest thing I’ve ever seen in an operating system. There are 3 things in total you need to disable.

How To?

Disable Windows Update Service :
  • Search for Services in Windows Start menu and open it.
  • Try finding Windows Update service by scrolling down.

update service

  • Double-click and open Windows Update service. You will see a drop-down for selecting the startup type of this service. Select disabled and hit apply.  By doing so, Windows update will never come up.

service disable

  • There is something you need to keep in mind. By disabling this service, Windows store will not have access to the internet. Hence, you will need to start the service to access at that particular time.
Disable Bandwidth usage option :
  • As I mentioned above, this option should never be turned on.
  • Open Windows settings panel. Use WinKey + I to do so.
  • Goto Update & Security >> Advanced Options >> Choose how updates are delivered.
  • You will see a toggle button to turn the feature off. Turn it off and it is done.

turn off bandwidth

Disable Windows Store updates :
  • This option is something that most people forget to turn off.
  • Open Windows app store (You will need to start Windows Update service) and goto Store settings.
  • Use the toggle button to stop Automatic app updation.

store update off

That’s it for this tutorial. I hope it helped you. If you expected more steps of found difficult to follow, use the comment section below to ask you queries. Stay tuned 😉