If you have ever used PC or Phone late night in the dark, you know how irritating it is for our eyes. Even after setting the brightness level to the minimum you will find it uncomfortable. There are screen filters available for both PC and Phone. There is no need to buy one screen filter when you could do the same with free apps.

There is no option to dim screen beyond the minimum value in either PC or Phone by default. I will introduce you some apps that I recommend you to use. There may find more alternatives over the internet. Here I will show you some of the most used apps only.

For PC

For PC, I have got 3 applications to show you, f.lux, Dimmer, and Pangolin. In these 3 Dimmer and Pangolin work almost the same but f.lux is something different. f.lux works almost on every commonly used operating system, but Dimmer & Pangolin works only on Windows.

Dimmer & Pangolin (Windows)

I have already said that these apps work the same. Then what is the difference? I found a little bug with Dimmer, that it does not dim the whole screen, it leaves the taskbar in full brightness. Well, that is the only difference I found. Both the apps got a similar type of settings and all.

pagolin vs dimmer

These apps disappointed me on Windows 8.1. Both of these apps does not dim the brightness of Start menu and metro apps. Then I found that both apps officially support up to Windows 7 only. I didn’t found any app that works perfectly on Windows 8.1 yet. If you got one, please leave a comment below.

Download Dimmer   Download Pangolin

f.lux (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS)

f.lux works a bit smart. It simply changes the color to an optimum state, according to the time. Yes, it changes the color automatically with time. That means the color of the display will be warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

flux screen

But actually, it does not dim the display at all. It could work along with Dimmer or Pangolin, Which gives a better output. f.lux does not seem to have a problem on Windows 8.1. It works on metro apps too. But f.lux is not a portable app as Dimmer or Pangolin.

Download f.lux

For Phone

As I mentioned earlier, f.lux supports almost all popular operating systems, there is an iOS support too. But it does not support Android platform. Wait, don’t worry, there are a lot of other alternatives available on Google Play. The Screen filter is one of them.

Screen Filter (Android)

screenfilter shots

It is a free app for Android Device from Google Play, and it is the one used mostly. There is no complex settings, its pretty straight forward. Just adjust the brightness level and tap Enable button.You will see it running there at the notification bar, tap on it to disable Screen Filter.

Download Screen Filter

iOS 8 Trick

If you are using an Apple device with iOS 8, there is no need to go for an app to download. In iOS 8 there is a trick with which the brightness can be lowered beyond minimum value. Check out this link to know more. For any other iOS version, the above-mentioned f.lux app can be used.

I hope these apps worked well! Will see you in the next one. If you have any comments or queries leave it in the comment section below 🙂 Enjoy