BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android Emulator. It may be because of its easiness to use and  the simplified file sharing facilities. Here I got a tutorial for you guys to play around with some BlueStacks settings that can not be changed easily. As the headline says, its a tutorial on changing BlueStacks default resolution and window size.

It is done by changing some registry values. Don’t ever mess with any other registry entries that you are not aware of. So do it carefully 🙂

Change Resolution and Window size

  • First of all wee need to open the Registry Editor. To do so, press WinKey + R and Run window appears. Enter regedit into it and press OK.
  • Now Registry Editor appears. We need to edit some registry values. To do so follow the path given below.

registry window


  • You may see some registry entries. In the above image, the selected registry entries are to be edited so that the resolution and the windows size could be changed.
  • Now start changing these registry values one by one. While entering the values, don’t forget to change the base to decimal.

decimal registry

  • Also, you need to keep it in mind that the values of these registry entries should be like,

GuestHeight = WindowHeight

GuestWidth = WindowWidth

  • As an example try the resolution & window size give below.


Try different resolutions and find the one you were looking for 😉 I hope you were able to follow this tutorial and got succeeded. Sorry if you were expecting more steps. The comment section below is always open for queries and suggestions. Keep updated 🙂