I am really excited to see such an app for Android which becomes the better alternative to  Google Now, Microsoft Cortana, and Apple Siri. Hound is a new Android app from SoundHound. Well, what makes Hound better than these popular Voice assistants? Have a look at this video!

As they promise, there is a freedom of talking to it. There are no particular keywords that we need to remember, other than Okay Hound to get started. Hound can handle to answer more than one questions at a time. As they say, speech recognition and natural language understanding is done at the same time.

For now, Hound is available at Google Play and it is in a beta stage. Currently, it is in an invite-only state. So that we need to have an invite code from Hound to get started. To get an invite, install Hound Android app and fill your name and e-mail.

The app not only recognises our speech but also can be used to recognise songs as SoundHound does. Like music, you are listening to. To show what Hound can actually do, I got a video for you! have a look at the demo.

The video says it all. See how Hound managed to answer multiple questions at a time and the questions which were a little bit complex to handle. Try these with other popular voice recognition apps!

Since the app is in the beta stage there may be more updates coming. They are getting some negative reviews from which the app will get improved.

The sad part is, Hound is currently available in US only. Will be expecting them to remove this limitation soon. I got a good news too! Hound APK file is available at APKmirror Website.

Source: Google Play