You are here because, you must be willing to hide your WordPress website details. To hide things like your current WordPress theme, plugins used etc. I got many search results on hiding the fact that a website is using WordPress editor. Here I will be showing you the easiest way!

Why it is better to hide your website details? It is because of more security. WordPress is already the best editor with better security. If a person wanted to gain access to your website, it will be to gain the admin password first. What if he/she can not even access the login page? There will not be any possibilities of Brute-Force attacks, implying more security.

You may get WordPress website details from some Websites as follows.

At the very first try, I got some search results in which they were adding some lines in WordPress files. I tried most of them and failed to succeed. The I came to know about a Premium WordPress plugin, which does what we need efficiently. There are no worries about damaging your WordPress files by accident while using a plugin.

WordPress Plugin: Hide My WP (Premium)

Hide my WP is a plugin that hides the fact that a Website is using WordPress editor completely. Even it can be used to change the WordPress login page. There are many option in the plugin and you may get confused. Follow my instructions to make it easier.

First of all install the plugin and activate it, that is not a difficult part at all. Now open Hide My WP settings from WordPress settings menu. When you reach there in Start tab you will see an option: Import Options. Set this option to Medium Privacy – More Compatibility (Recommended).
import settings wp hide

This setting is recommended since it is having more compatibility for any WordPress version. And right now if you check our blog details you will see the result shown below.

not seems to wp

Head to the General Settings tab and you will see so many options are there. And you will see the option: Hide Login Page. Using this option you may change your WordPress login page address. As an example in the below picture, you will see how the URL format will be.

hide login sameplug

You will many more options more, which I am not going to explain. You may check through those options if you want. I didn’t found any alternatives for this plugin, hence it is the best choice.

If you want only to change the login URL, it will be better to go for a free plugin. I found so many plugins for that purpose and found one plugin better.

WordPress Plugin: Rename wp-login.php (Free)

This plugin got only one function, to change the login URL to anything you want. Since there are no other unwanted functions, the plugin is light. There may be free and premium alternatives for this plugin, but I recommend you using this. To change the URL, head to Permalinks settings (Settings >> Permalinks) and you will find the option to rename the login URL.

wp login only plugin

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you got a new info to secure your website. If you have any comments or query leave it in the comment section below 🙂 Peace.