It’s not an ordinary free host provider. The thing is, you will never face downtime issues with this host. Don’t worry it’s completely ad-free. I am talking about OpenShift by Red Hat. It’s actually a website used to host web applications online.

OpenShift Online is Red Hat’s next-generation application hosting platform that makes it easy to run your web applications in the cloud for free.

It may be your custom application made by you or any other apps like WordPress, Drupal etc. There are 40+ pre-loaded applications available for you to install. The installation is just one touch operation, hence it is easier to use.

openshift hosting free

I was testing the host for about 1+ weeks and I felt it as the best option for beginners. You will have a limitation of 3GB storage (3 gears with 1GB each) and it is not a big deal for small blogs like ours. There is an option to extend your storage by upgrading the account.

And the other limitation is that the application/website you are hosting will become idle if there comes no traffic for more than 24 hours. It’s also not considered as a drawback since there is only one view is required to prevent the idle process.

I felt that the host was as premium as any paid hosts out there. But that may also be because of the low traffic. It should be tested with a huge amount of traffic to know the limit.

Here I will show you a quick demo of WordPress app installation. First of all, create you account for OpenShift.

  • After the creation of account go to the Apps list and choose WordPress.
  • You will have to enter the URL and the region your website focusing on. Leave the region settings to No Preference for this time. Then press Create Application button.
  • Creation of application may take a little amount of time. Be patient.
  • After the application has been installed, open the website you have created.
  • It will prompt us to setup the WordPress website. It includes the admin user creation. It’s not that hard to go through.

And that’s it! You just created you WordPress website on OpenShift hosting. You may login to your website and manage the website. You may use a custom domain as there is an option.

openshift ssl

As the headline says, they also provide shared SSL and that makes them stand out. You may face some styling issues (fonts or CSS issues) on WordPress on SSL. Use plugin SSL Insecure Content Fixer to resolve the issue.


  • Lifetime hosting free
  • Shared SSL
  • No downtime
  • Easy installation of apps


  • 3GB storage limitation
  • Apps become idle (if no traffic for 24 hours)

I hope it was a good info. Sorry if there were no enough steps/explanation. If you have any comments or queries leave it in the comment section below. Share this info to your friends! Have a nice day 😉