In this tutorial, you will learn How to Load External Subtitles to a YouTube Video. While watching movies or any other videos mainly in other languages, in order to understand the context we use Subtitles. By using video players like V.L.C. Media Player,  K.M. Player, etc we can load external subtitle files with the Video. But while watching videos through YouTube (streaming) there is no inbuilt option to load external subtitles.

Here I am suggesting a method to do this on Google chrome by using an extension called Subtitles for YouTube Video. Download and install this extension on Google chrome. After that open a Movie on youtube, you should have the subtitles with you already.

1Look at the screenshot above. You will see ‘Drag and drop SRT or Zipped srt file here to add different subtitles to video or View Shortcuts or Search OpenSubtitles‘ under the video you opened. that means the extension is installed. You may  drag and drop the subtitle file into the youtube video.

2It will take some time to upload the subtitle and to be linked to the video. As you can see in the below.

3After uploading it shows ‘Subtitle upload completed. Enjoy!!’ since that moment when you playing the video it shows the subtitle on the screen.4

The below screenshot shows the subtitle along with the video. That means the extension is doing his job!

5In order to adjust the position, font size of the subtitle. click on the ‘View Shortcuts’ link below the video. When you click a pop-up window will appear showing the shortcuts to adjust subtitle settings.


I hope it was a simple tutorial. If you have any comments and query contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or simply ask at the comment section below.