Aren’t you just bored with all those slides-based presentations?

Don’t you think that presentations given in modern browsers shouldn’t copy the limits of ‘classic’ slide decks?

Would you like to impress your audience with stunning visualization of your talk?

Then you should try Impress.js!

Impress.js is a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind Codes are opensource and you may get it from GitHub.

If you want to know what are the possibilities of this framework you may try the demo site. I believe that it must be one of the best presentation tools for those who think different. Using some of the stock presentation tools are becoming so mainstream. Impress.js could make you move on to the other level of presentation. Play presentations on your web browser so that you could stand out.

impress js screen

Impress.js framework is developed in such a way that all the slides/elements of your presentation will become so live. The unique feature of using some 3D transformations on your own direction is the heart part of this framework. Align slides on a free area, adjust their position on x,y,z axis, re-size it and you are done. It automatically renders a smooth transition from one slide to another.


You don’t need to have a wide knowledge on coding to work with Impress.js. Since there is another tool which provides the facility to make slides on Impress.js easily. The tool known as Strut could help to do so. Strut version 2 has been released. Watch the below video made by its developer as an intro for the tool.

There are 2 options to use the Strut tool. One is the download the tool from GitHub and runs it on your localhost. It provides the freedom to work offline. The other option is to use the online Strut tool so that you will not need to download the tool.

strut io initerface

The best part of Impress.js is portability for sure since it is supported on any modern browser. Other than normal presentation tools we could implement Impress.js presentations on a website too. The small size of the files is another good factor of Impress.js framework. So try this today!