Are you a hybrid app developer looking for a way to create truly native apps? Are you a native app developer wondering how to expand the scope of his apps to the other popular platforms? Or perhaps you are a web developer searching for a way to transfer your existing skills to the world of mobile development?

NativeScript lets you build apps both for Android and iOS ( very soon Windows Phone ) in the basis of a single code. NativeScript uses JavaScript or TypeScript, XML and CSS to develop apps. Basically, it translates the cross-platform code into the language we target to. You can develop for Android 4.2 or later and iOS 7.1 or later.


What is NativeScript?

As I explained as the intro, NativeScript basically uses JavaScript or TypeScript, XML and CSS to make cross-platform apps. Develop the app logic using JavaScript or TypeScript, design and style your user interface using XML or CSS and let NativeScript translate your code. Actually the JavaScript doesn’t get compiled but instead it is interpreted at the Runtime.

NativeScript runtime

  • Write your application code once using the NativeScript modules and the NativeScript runtimes.
  • The modules expose the native device and platform capabilities of Android and iOS in a consistent manner and let you access them via non-platform-specific code. The modules let you access some native capabilities via platform-specific JavaScript code.
  • Customize your app with platform-specific assets ( such as icons and splash screens).
  • Build your app. When you build you app NativeScript runtime translates you the code which is non-platform specific, into the native language you are targeted to.
  • Run your cross-platform native apps in the native emulators, on real devices.

Why NativeScript?

It’s Open, It’s Easy, It’s Powerful

  • NativeScript is free of charge as an open source project.
  • It is available to anyone on Github.
  • Code with JavaScript. Style with CSS.
  • Cross-platform UI abstractions.
  • Shared business logic and data models.
  • Third-party native libraries.

nativescript magic

You can find several good examples of open source applications built with NativeScript in GitHub. Open and search for repositories named after the following pattern “sample-NAME”. You may find some app examples from the app store too.

Android: Telerik NativeScript

iOS app: NativeScript By Telerik Corp


Getting Started

The best resource for NativeScript is its official site for sure. You may find a guide with videos to get started. If you are interested and you got an app (made using NativeScript) to show others, you may submit the app details to the official site.

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