Hey,  guys. In this tutorial, I will be showing you, How to use your Laptop as a WiFi keyboard for an Android phone. Sometimes there comes such situation to type down something really fast on your phone, which is not easy for someone who is using a smartphone keyboard for the first time. So here goes a tutorial which will explain how you could use your PC keyboard with your android smartphone. It is very Simple to do. What you will need is an app to download, so follow the steps.

How to?

First of all the things you will need is

  • A Laptop or a WiFi enabled desktop PC.
  • Android smartphone
  • A WiFi connection must be there between the laptop and the phone

First you need to download WiFi Keyboard to your phone. It is very small in size. open it


Look at the above screenshot. after opening Take Messaging or Memo (something to type). Note the local IP address after connecting, it may be like



After that take the Input option to change the default keyboard.



Here WiFi Keyboard is unticked so that we wanted to access the WiFi Keyboard, select the WiFi keyboard and go back. Then open any web browser from your PC and type the local IP address of the phone in the URL box. Here mine is


Here you will get such a window as shown in the above picture. There is column to type what you wanted to type to your phone..Open some messaging or Memo from your phone after selecting the WiFi keyboard. then type in the column on the browser.


Here I tried to type: “hai how are you” will show on the phone.

I hope it was a simple tutorial. If expected more steps, Sorry to disappoint. If you have any comments and query contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or simply ask at the comment section below

😉 Thank you!