In this tutorial, we are introducing an easy way to transfer files between an Android and  PC over WiFi. There are a lot of ways to do this. But this method is the simplest one. Just follow these steps.

First of all you need a smartphone and a Computer. If it is a desktop you must need a WiFi router to enable WiFi to your desktop. And if it’s a laptop which is having WiFi inbuilt, you can just create a WiFi hotspot on it. Refer our previous post.



    • Now you can see something like this (look at the above screenshot). Press start button on the screen to start.

2After pressing start button, It should ask to connect a WiFi network either a router or laptop. Press ok and connect to the router.


Then it will give you a local gateway to access your android device from any PC which is connected to that particular WiFi.

Now open a browser in your PC and put the above URL in the address bar. If it’s working, you will see something like this.


You can Transfer files from PC to android and vice-versa too. It’s as simple as like downloading and uploading. When you clicked on a file it will be downloaded to your PC automatically. There is an option named ‘Transfer files to device‘ to Transfer files to your phone from Your connected PC. So simple right? 😉

The Main advantage of this method is, here you do not need wired connections at all. A fairly fast WiFi network is only needed.

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