What’s up guys, welcome to our new tutorial on, How to repair a Samsung android smartphone if it is soft bricked. The term brick usually refers to the stone, which means: a device can only be used as paperweight. Just kidding ;). Hard brick becomes more difficult to recover. If it is a soft brick you may follow this tutorial. Your phone may brick in many ways, all comes because of your failure to give sufficient attention. eg: At the time of installation of a new firmware, you should make sure that the phone is rooted, else the phone bricks. The only simplest method to unbrick the phone will be to install the official firmware in it. It requires a PC for a support.

Soft Brick

Soft brick is the state of an android device which occur due to some software problems like boot loops or phone freezing at some point during boot. This only occurs if some software problem occurred in the device mainly during OS upgrade or ROM flashing.

Hard Brick

Hard brick is the state of an android device that occurs when your device won’t boot at all i.e. no boot loop, etc. This occurs due to trying to install ROM not made for your device or using ROM Manager incorrectly.

I will try to handle this tutorial as a general tutorial applicable for any Samsung android smartphone. Here I will be repairing SAMSUNG GALAXY Y GT-s5360. So le’ts move on.

Let’s Start!

  •  First of all you need Download some files.
  •  You need the appropriate firmware for your phone. To download it just Google, GALAXY Y GT-s5360 official firmware. Now you will get a link of xda-developer’s site, and you will get all firmware files. OR you may use the following link so that you will not need to Google for it.
  • Click here, find your firmware and download it. After that just extract the files.

firmware download


samsung driver

  •  Find appropriate Odin version.

find odin


  • Download the appropriate Odin tool.

Odin Multi Downloader v4.XX all versions.zip

Odin v3.07 v3.06 v3.04 v1.85 v1.83.zip

odin folders

  • Open corresponding  Odin version.

open odin


  • Turn off the phone and put it in Downloading mode, by holding Volume Down + Home button + Power Button.

downloading mode


  • After putting the phone in Downloading mode connect the phone to PC via USB cable. You will notice that Odin will detect the connected device (It shows the Port id).

com a


  • Important !  In some cases, there will be only 3 files as the firmware files, which will not include the PIT file and BOOTLOADER file. So in this case you should remember not to put a tick on Re-Partition option. If you are having all files including these two files you may browse to it and the Odin tool will automatically put a tick mark on Re-Partition. If you Downloaded the firmware files using the link that I provided, there will be only 1 file there. If so you may select that particular file as AP / PDA in Odin tool.
  • Now you need to browse some md5/tar files in Odin. These are the files that we downloaded as the firmware. Make sure that you just extracted the Zip file. The files to be selected for each section is given bellow.


bootloader a


pda a


phone a


csc a


pit a

  • After selecting all firmware files Click on Start.



  • Now the tool will install the files into the Phone within some minutes.
  • After the completion of installation, the phone will automatically restart and you may disconnect the USB cable.

pass done


  • The booting process of the phone may take more time than in a usual boot. Don’t worry.
  • After the booting process, it will prompt us to input some personal data.
  • Now you are done! You just Unbricked a Samsung android smartphone.

I hope it was a simple tutorial. If expected more steps, Sorry to disappoint. If you have any comments and query contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or simply ask at the comment section below

😀 Thank you!