Hi, guys. In this tutorial, I will be showing you, How to install WordPress editor on a localhost. Installing WordPress editor in a local host provides you the freedom to edit your website Offline. After you are done, you may make your site online. To make it online, you may need to upload your site database and all the site contents. Working on your site offline, will make the process much faster because it will not depend on your internet speed.

WordPress gives you a good editor which is really user-friendly. Follow the steps carefully . . .

How To?

  • You need to download two files, links given below

Click Here to download WordPress Editor

Click Here to download WampServer

  • The software I am using here to create a Local server is called, WampServer.
  • Install the WampServer and Open it.
  • From the tray icon select Put Online option.

put online

  • Extract the WordPress editor file.
  • Rename the folder (Folder name will become the name of your website/project). eg: test

test folder

  • Now there is a Folder named as www inside the WampServer installation directory, which is the main Directory of your LocalHostEach folder created inside the folder www act as a page, or simply our website.
  • Copy this folder to the main directory.






  • Create a new database, eg: dbase

new db

  • Now goto :
  • Under Your Projects sections, you may find your new website (Folder). Click on it.


  • Now an error page will appear, because of the absence of wp-config.php file. So we need to add new, Select Create a Configuration File.

create a configuration file

  • Now they will tell that we need to give some information while installing it. Press Lets Go.

lets go

  • Now another page comes where you will need to put some information. Here you need to provide the database name same as which we created earlier, ie: dbase (in my case).
  • Put MySQL username: root, leave MySQL password blank.

setup 1

  • Press the Submit Button.
  • Next part of the installation process begins here. They will notify it. Just press Run the Install button.

Run the install

  • Now they will ask for some information about our website, such as the website title, username, password etc. Provide your website information with a valid e-mail (will be needed to reset the password) and hit Install WordPress button.

informations needed

  • Now another page comes. It will say that WordPress has been installed. And a Login Button will be there. Press it.


  • You just installed WordPress editor on your LocalHost successfully! When the login page comes, provide the website username and password that you entered while the installation process.


  • All done ! after logging into the account you may edit the whole site using the user-friendly WordPress editor 😉
  • You need to remember that never delete the database file that we created, so saving a database backup will be better.


You may check out this video for better understanding 😀

I hope that it was a simple tutorial and hence you got a clear idea. If expected more steps, Sorry to disappointIf you have any comments and query contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or simply ask at the comment section below. Thank you 😀