In this tutorial, I will be telling you, how you could Install Android 4.4 Kitkat on your PC. Here I will be using Vmware to install it. You may use any other software to run the guest OS,  like Virtualbox. Both software works the same. This is really a simple task, It takes a maximum of 15 minutes. The guest OS (Android kitkat 4.4.2) may run faster or slower depending upon the memory that you will give to it.

You will need to download the ISO file of Android 4.4 OS and one of software used to run guest OS. Follow the tutorial step by step.

How To? 

  • Download the following Files/software.

VMware Player 6.0.3     OR     VirtualBox 4.3.14

Android Kitkat 4.4.2 ISO file

  • I will be using VMware to run the guest OS. You may use Virtualbox too. (Installation process is almost the same)
  • Install the VMware player, and Run it.
  • Add new Virtual Machine.

Player >> File >> New Virtual Machine…

New Virtual Machine

  • Select Installer disk image (iso), and select Android 4.4 ISO file.


  • Give a name to the new machine and Specify the Disk size that you need.


  • Customize Hardware settings for the virtual machine. Sufficient  amount of memory should be given to it (Min : 512MB)


  • After Customizing the hardware, power it on. After booting up Install it.


  • Create a new partition.

new partition

  • Select New


  • Create new Primary partition.


  • Select size and write the partition.


  • After creating a new partition,  quit out of partition manager. Then select the new partition.


  • Select ext3 file system and format the new partition.


  • After formatting the partition, Install the boot loader.

boot loader

  • Then set the directory as read and write.


  • Now the Android 4.4 Kitkat installation process will carry out.


  • Now reboot the machine.


  • After the reboot, Boot up the Android OS.


  • You just installed Android Kitkat 4.4.2 on your PC using VMware. After the boot provide your personal information. It may take some time. You may check the android version.


Have Fun 😀

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If you need to install more apps you may use the pre-installed Google Play Store, or you may install apps using the apk file.

Check out this video for more help on installing Android KitKat on PC

I hope it was a simple tutorial. If expected more steps, Sorry to disappoint. If you have any comments and query contact us on Facebook or Twitter , or simply ask at the comment section below ;)