In this tutorial, I will be teaching you, How to Turn your PC into WiFi hotspot. To do so you will only need to use Windows Command Prompt. If you got a Laptop then you will not be needed to add an extra hardware since nowadays all Laptops are coming pre-loaded with Wireless adapters. Here I will be introducing some Command lines for you to use.

Yes, there are such Software over the internet to Turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot, But its lot better to use the pre-installed tools other than Downloading. Also, you can not trust any software downloaded from the Internet. To create a hotspot you will need only 3 pieces of codes, and also you could use your custom SSID and Password.

How To?

  • To use these Command lines, you must open a Command prompt windows with administrative privileges.

To open a Command prompt window as admin search for cmd right on it and select Run As Administrator

windows 8 Shortcut:  press    Win key+X    and the following windows will be there.


Now select Command Prompt (Admin).

  • Set SSID and Password

First of all You need to Set SSID and Password for our Hotspot. So you need to use the following command line to Set it.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=teczoz key=123456789

In this Command line, teczoz is our SSID for the Hotspot and 123456789 is the password.


After pressing the enter, you will be able to see Something like in the above picture, You just named your WiFi and added a password for it.

  • Start WiFi Hotspot

To start WiFi hotspot, you just need to copy and paste the following Command line.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

After pressing Enter, your hotspot will be started.


Now as the image shows your PC is acting like a WiFi Hotspot! Now you could Connect to this hotspot using your Smartphone or Laptop.

  • Stop WiFi Hotspot

Now when you are Finished You could Turn off the hotspot by using the following Command line.

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

After pressing the Enter key your WiFi Hotspot will be stopped.


That is it!

If you are a little bit confused then you may download a Tool. ie, A bat file made by using the same commands explained above. You may download it for free and also you may distribute it!

Click Here to Download the Tool.

If you want to know the command lines used to build this tool, you may Right-click on it and select Edit.

If you are confused how to use it you may check the Following Video, and Don’t Forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Now I hope that you Got a clear Idea about it, Thank You! 😀