What’s up, guys. This is going to be a quick tutorial on how to change android app name and icon by using its own apk file. If you are an android developer you may know it is impossible to access the string. xml file directly where the name of the app will be specified. You may manually change the icon for the app directly, by replacing the icon file in the resource folder inside the apk file. To do so you may use any archive manager. If you are a developer you may use android-apktool by Google. It will allow you to change the entire app by providing access to all the files in it and you may rebuild it too. Blah blah,  I know most of you guys are not an Android app developer and hence you are here.

In this tutorial, I will be showing you guys a software for windows with which you may change the name and the icon for the android app easily. It can be used by anyone even you are not an android developer. Also using this app is a lot better than the manual way. So let us head forward to know how to use this app.

  • Download the APK editor tool and extract the ZIP file.
  • Open the tool by double-clicking it.

files list

  • For the first time us the app will ask you to point to the java.exe file. To do so browse to following directory.

C:\Program Files\Java\jre8\bin\java.exe

  • Now the app will ask you to select the apk file itself. Browse and select the app.

browse apk file

  • You will get a new window similar to the following pic. In the name box set your new app name.

change apk name

  • You may be able to see 3 icons to change in the software. These 3 icons are to change according to the app icon in your smartphone. You may leave the large icon and the small one and change the medium sized icon, as I have done.

change apk icon

  • Now simply press OK. Now you just changed the app name icon using the apk file 😉
  • There will be a backup for the apk file saved by the APK editor tool. You may restore the original app by pressing the Restore original file link.

restore apk

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